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Chris Yake, MB
Kacee Maloney, SK
Kaupp Family Farms, AB
Kacee Maloney, SK
Kaupp Family Farms, AB
Aaron, SK


Our grain marketing information is read by more than 1000 farmers daily.

We answer over 10,000 member questions every year.

We send over 1 million texts each year.

Over 90% of Grain Shark members renew their subscriptions, year after year.


Grain Shark is much more than just grain prices. They deliver up-to-the-minute market info, alerts, recommendations, comments -- all sent right to your cell phone, helping me stay on top of everything no matter where I am or what I'm doing. I find the service to be a fast, simple, easy way to handle my farm's marketing, in the time it takes to read a few simple text messages. - Bob, SK

"Thanks for the advice on fertilizer. We booked most of ours over a month ago when you suggested to buy some and we saved around $30,000." - Ken Potapinski, Alida Sk

I'm not a sit in front of the computer and check the markets daily kind of guy, so what Grain Shark provides is perfect for me! - Gord, MB

“Love the click to play audio reports. Don't have to read through long emails. Can hop in the truck hit the play button and way you go.” - Mark, SK

“Not just farm news like you hear on the radio. We get real insight & accurate opinions from Grain Shark.” - Julian, AB

“I'm young and learning so to have Grain Shark helping me along the way is great. They have helped me make multiple sales since I met them at the farm show this summer." - Wyatt Gorrill, SK

"Appreciate the info and timely responses you provide. Your calls on Canola had me selling near the top throughout the year.”  - Eric Solski, Dauphin MB

“I love your service. I don’t always adhere to your advice but you have been bang on. I have held on for more like you said and it has worked out great. Thanks for clearing the muddy waters and everything you do.” - Doug Edgar, Innisfail AB

Locked up some new crop today. Good start. Usually start selling earlier. I would have booked sooner, at a lower $, without your help. You kept me patient. Thanks! - John, MB


Definitely helped me market some of my 2017 cps at a nice price in early July - Jim Bruchal, AB

I really appreciate the easy to read daily market texts. Update, review and news links are concise and pertinent.- Jerome Isaac, AB


Sharky does a great job deciphering market info in a quick, easy to read format. They are consistent on market direction and I appreciate the insight. - Kristie D, MB


Great service, quick and concise. Price is right. - Greg O, SK


I'm new to your marketing service. But I really like the timely text updates with real cash price information. Not just futures and chart analysis. Keep it on our level with real in our pocket sales information Great service at a great price! Thanks. - Craig G, SK


Has helped us a couple times make the right decision! Been pretty much right on the ball! Made us money. Well worth the price! - Jennifer J, SK


We continued our service with Grain Shark because we rely on their reporting a lot - Grant, SK

It's very good. I have tried others. Didn't think they were worth the money. This one is.- Laramie, SK


We get a text every morning and afternoon from Grain Shark giving us markets updates. Worth every penny.- Nyles, MB


Got Grain Shark last year. Been great. Like the text commentary every morning. Even buys a drink or 2 when a guy runs into him at Ag stuff.- Ian, AB


Grain Shark helps us get into the top quarter of the market and that's all we need. - Marv, SK


I canceled my other more expensive services and strictly follow Grain Shark now. - Darryl, SK

We are loving the service. Quick to the point and very informative. Being able to ask questions directly and get a prompt response is just the icing on the cake! Keep up the great work! - Braden, MB

I’m impressed with how well Grain Shark reads the charts. I found the forecast very accurate.- Joel, MB


Grain Shark is exactly what I was looking for. It has worked all the way through the year for our farm.- Peter, AB

I took your word on the $9.00/bu target for Yellow Peas, and bang, within 7-10 days it triggered!.- Dwayne, AB


Awesome work! You guys allowed me to have the upper end on the market. Thanks! - Kevin, Lamont AB


I love the fact that the commodity prices just show up every morning and afternoon without even looking for it. Even includes the Canadian dollar and oil prices. - Rob, Warren MB

Grain Shark gives just enough information at the right time. - Don, AB


Grain marketing is a struggle when you don't have time. I've got off farm jobs that take up all of my spare time so I let Grain Shark look after my marketing decisions. Will be definitely renewing my membership. Listening to coffee row people has cost me money in the past! Would like to see price of fat cattle on daily texts if at all possible. -Jay, Shaunavon SK

Getting text updates of the market situations for the day, ease the stress level during your busy times when you can't take the time to make calls and read multiple reports. It's great. The news you get is on par with top analyst reports. it's quick and easy to read, follow, and understand. It definitely helped our operation take advantage of market highs!! - Nicole, Richard SK

Grain shark always stayed the course. I averaged a higher price than expected. Good solid advice and best of all made more money listening to Dustin and his recommendations. - Ervin, Willingdon AB

Keeps me informed on prices as well as having some strategy if I haven't got something figured out already. - Brad, Meadow Lake SK


I love the fact that the commodity prices just show up every morning and afternoon, without even looking for it. Even includes the Canadian dollar and oil prices. - Rob, Warren MB

When you got a million things on the go, you want a simple update. Keep up the good simplicity! - Albert, Rimbey AB


Your service definitely helps me out. I plan to continue. - Gorden, Ryley AB


Grain Shark is a great deal. Like knowing about commodity prices quickly & conveniently. - Norm, Killem AB


My main reason for having a grain advisor is just for Durum green peas and large green lentils !! - Rick, Aneroid SK


Its official. I am no longer looking at high priced grain marketing services. They all said to price Canola & Wheat way too early. Screwed again. Keep up the good work Grain Shark! - Kevin, AB

Grain Shark helps me by reducing the time I spend on marketing my grain. I trust their suggestions because they know the markets and are farmers just like me. - Aaron, SK

Grain Shark helps me identify market trends and key market price points. Their timely information helps me establish strategies in real time. - Jarrod, MB

Grain Shark keeps me up to date on the markets when I don't have time to look at them. - Brad, MB

Other marketing services try to do all kinds of different things. Grain Shark is simple & convenient. It's perfect for a busy farmer with lost on the go like me. Getting their quick daily texts really helps me. - Rob, SK

Grain Shark alerted me to sell my Wheat, Canola and Soybeans at harvest before prices dropped.  I would have missed this opportunity without them because I don't have time to spend on my computer looking things up.  The Grain Shark service is an easy, inexpensive way to stay on top of the markets in just a few minutes a day. - Mike, MB

Grain Shark gives me straight-to-the-point marketing information, in quick and easy to read texts, written in language I can understand. They've helped me become a better marketer, just by spending a few seconds a day reading their texts. - Byron, MB

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